32 weeks pregnant with twins update

Happy to report that I’m still pregnant and the babies are doing very well!

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have gained 43 pounds, which means that we (the twins and I) are

Second breakfast!
Second breakfast!

now the same weight as my husband! I am now in third trimester and still working 4 days a week at my office job which is getting increasingly difficult. I thought I’d be able to motor through and continue working until 34 weeks but these days my brain is not working very well and I fall asleep from 3:00-5:30 if given the opportunity. In first and second trimester, I could have a list of 10 things to do and be able to accomplish everything by the end of day. These days, I consider it a good day if I’ve managed to complete one thing!

We moved out of our old house and into the new house last week. We moved to give the babies more space so they could run around and have space to be creative (our old house was great for the two of us but would have been small and cramped with twins and all their gear).  I thought it would be nice to create a video for the babies of what our old house looked like…I managed to get “Hi babies!” in before started to cry and could no longer speak. Moving is always emotional for me, but this move is so much more meaningful.

The day after our move, at 30 weeks pregnant, I started having contractions every 2 minutes

false labour at 30 weeks!
false labour at 30 weeks!

which brought us into the hospital for 6 hours while they determined what was going on. We were on pins and needles wondering whether we’d be admitted for an emergency c-section. There was a swab test done and it eventually told us that I would NOT be giving birth in the next 10 days. They did say that my cervix was now open by a fingertip. At my OB appointment this week, my OB said that he thinks that based on the length of my cervix which is pretty good, he doesn’t expect me to go into labour before 34 weeks. 

The babies have been in breach position for a while now, so we scheduled our c-section for September 22! This means I have at most 5 weeks before the babies arrive!! There is still so much to do, we’re still living in boxes since we’re waiting to have our house painted before we really get the house ready and start buying all the baby stuff which takes up a lot of space. 

Check out my swollen elephant-like feet! My ankles are wider than my calves…how is that even possible?? I can’t fit into any of my shoes any longer. Purchasing a photo-43pair of Birkenstocks was the best investment for a summer pregnancy! (Along with my zero-gravity chair and memory foam mattress topper –all have been a lifesaver!)

Since the third trimester, I’ve started getting De Quervain’s tendonitis which prevents me from extending my thumbs. I am getting very concerned about this because it’s getting worse and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to care for the babies when they arrive. Even something as simple as gripping a mason jar is difficult, I can’t imagine trying to lift my babies! This is the last thing I would have expected, but I’m hoping that this will go away as soon as I deliver.

Some other things that I didn’t expect from pregnancy:

  • I used to always get UTIs and have heard that pregnancy can cause more frequent UTIs, but so far, it hasn’t plagued me once
  • I have suffered severe eczema since childhood, again, no breakouts since pregnant!
  • My anxiety is a thing of the past

Both babies are moving quite a bit now. Sometimes their movements are so big that they jerk me around! 

Starting next week at 32 weeks, I will go from visiting the OB every two weeks to every week! 

That’s all for now! Hoping to have more time to blog when I stop working. 


15 thoughts on “32 weeks pregnant with twins update

  1. Im 26 weeks along with twins and I’ve had tendonitis in both my hands for about 6 weeks now. . If you can wear a Brace do it. I wear a hard on on my left hand and a softer one on my right. Because I need that hand more. Good luck!

    1. Wonderful news that you’re pregnant with twins! So happy for you!! I have a brace at home but I found that the swelling got worse when I wore the brace, but I will try again now that it’s been a few weeks to see if things have changed. I went for an acupuncture treatment and that seemed to have helped. Thanks for the tip and congrats again 🙂

  2. I’m so happy to see this update! And happy you’re doing well minus the exhaustion and swollen ankles! Yikes! Hope you get all your unpacking done quickly so you can relax a bit before the little ones arrive.

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