22 weeks pregnant – we bought and sold a house!


We bought our current house 7 years ago when we were both young professionals without kids. It’s a 3 story home in the city with a small footprint on each floor. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I really wanted more space for the babies. I wanted space for them to be creative, to run around and to be free to be kids. Unfortunately the housing market is crazy right now and I wasn’t keen on taking on an enormous mortgage right before we were to embark on parenthood, diapers for twins, daycare etc. So we were all ready to hunker down and get the nursery prepared until a friend told me of a house that we could buy under private sale (read: no bidding war!). Three days later, we were new home owners! The new house is perfect for us for the next 7 years (at least). It only has 2 bedrooms, but the twins will be able to share a room for at least the next 7 years. It’s a home where I can envision us having really good memories, we won’t be limited by space and best of all there is a “heart” to the home. My husband thinks we overpaid and is still experiencing buyers remorse, but I think he’ll come around when we move in. ūüôā

This means we had to prepare and sell our house quickly. I can’t believe I managed to do everything while pregnant. It has been a very hectic week. Decluttering was a big task, but something that needed to be done. We lived like we were living in a museum for the week the house was on the market. It was hard to be out of the house being 5 months pregnant because we had to be out for 12 hours while people viewed the house at all hours of the day, but it was all worth it. A week after we listed it sold! Yay!

We move at the end of July so I’ll be 30 weeks by that time. From what I hear, people carrying twins usually get exhausted and stop working between 30-32 weeks so it may be a good cut off time to start a new beginning in our new house and preparing it for the babies.

Pregnancy update

At 21 weeks, I felt BOTH the babies move for the first time! I imagined them wishing their mama a happy birthday first thing in the morning. Best birthday present ever!

I am now at 22 weeks, my feet are quite sore and swollen these days and my appetite has subsided from the first trimester. Another development is that exhaustion hits me at work in the afternoon, this could be due to the insomnia that plagued my days during my infertile days. I’ve woken up at 4:00am every morning but I’m not sure if it’s just the anxiety from the house stuff going on. With all this said, overall I feel really great and I’m in good spirits.

It was almost one year ago

It has almost been a year since I wrote my first blog post.¬†I started the blog the day I sobbed in the middle of a party¬†celebrating my girlfriend’s two year old’s birthday. I remember that day often as the little man’s 3rd birthday approaches. It has had the power to bring me to tears on several occasions just remembering¬†how sad I was at that time as it’s contrasted to how much my life has changed today. I started this blog as a journal for everyday life, but since my life was all consumed by the struggle to conquer infertility, it naturally became the main focus of the blog. Infertility was a season of life, now that the season has changed I¬†find it difficult¬†to find my voice amongst all the struggles amongst my friends within this blog community, so I want to share with you this piece of encouragement if you’re still in the weeds: If anyone told me a year ago at that birthday party¬†that I’d be almost 6 months pregnant with a boy/girl twins, with a new house, and full of peace and happiness I would have said sarcastically to them “yeah right, dream on”…

So dear friends, today I want to think of yourself a year from now and¬†I dare you to “dream on”.